Funko POP Game of Thrones Blue Night King Vinyl Figure

Funko POP Game Of Thrones Night King Vinyl Figure – $9.99

On Game of Thrones, you have to venture north of the wall to find the Night King. And you can pretty much rest assured that once you find him, you’re going to be joining his army of the undead in short order.But now you can get this POP! version of the Night King without having to go under the wall or sail through the Shivering Sea. You can just order this unique collectible directly from us and we’ll send it by raven! This figure has the stunning blue eyes that these guys are known for featured on the oversized head, and the body is styled with all of the signature character details that really freak us out. But it still has just the right amount of Funko styling to make it cute! We never imagined that we’d actually want a White Walker sitting on our desk, but now that we’ve got our hands on this POP! Game of Thrones vinyl figure, basically, we can’t imagine life without it! Get this authentic figure to round out your GoT collection, or to make sure you have all of your favorite villains represented in your display.


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