POP! Books: Dr. Seuss- Red Fox in Socks Vinyl Collectible Figure

POP! Books: Dr. Seuss- Fox in Socks Vinyl Figure – $9.99

FOX IN SOCKS Who doesn’t remember the Dr. Seuss tongue -twister book, Fox in Socks!? Chicks with bricks come, chicks with blocks come, chicks with bricks and blocks and clocks come! Just thinking about Knox meeting Fox, makes your mouth sore because those poems were tricky and complicated!  Especially this line: “When a fox is in the bottle where the tweetle beetles battle with their paddles”. Fox isn’t in a bottle but you really can take home fox in the box with: POP! Books: Dr. Seuss- Fox in Socks Vinyl Figure.FUN DETAILSWho sews? Do you know? Do you know who sews the fox? Or maybe who put this vinyl fox in this box? No one sewed this fox, but this oversized head can rotate back and forth. Fox’s hand is out to the side, enticing you all to join him for a tongue- twister ride!Measuring at 3.75″, Fox is wearing blue socks and gloves, which you will absolutely, positively love! Celebrate your love for Dr. Seuss or your favorite book with this POP! Vinyl Fox in Socks figure. GOODBYE SIROur game is done, we promise, no more rhymes.We will leave you alone.But first, please order and bring this Fox in Socks Vinyl Figure home. 


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