Pop! Movies: Mad Max Fury Road- White Nux Shirtless Vinyl Figure

Pop! Movies: Mad Max Fury Road- Nux Shirtless Vinyl Figure – $7.99

I live. I die. I live again. -NuxNux may be a little unhinged, but we admire his overly optimistic attitude. He could possibly bite the dust serving Immortan Joe on the next harrowing mission but he doesn’t let that hold him back from fearlessly serving his leader. This shirtless Nux vinyl figure is ready to be completely loyal to a new leader and that leader is you. He’ll follow you blindly and do whatever you want, no matter what. If your intentions are to give this vinyl figure to your dog as a chew toy, Nux consents. On the other hand, if you only want to display him in a clear case next to your other Mad Max Fury Road collectibles, Nux is completely fine with that too.This officially licensed figure is approximately 3.75 inches tall when standing and features lots of minute details that fans of the movie will appreciate, like the skin markings on his chest and the blacked out rings around his eyes.        


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