Women’s Little Red Riding Hood Costume

Women’s Riding Hood Costume – $49.99

Well not everyone can be a princess.And who wants to be a princess anyway? They’re usually always stuck in some castle or tower, put under a curse, or have some other major misfortune. Not to mention they usually can’t do anything. Half the time they’re waiting on someone to come save them. No thanks. We’d rather be off happily wandering the forest and going about our business.Not that the forest is all sunshine and rainbows either. When you live in a magical realm of fairy tales, there’s typically angry monsters, crazy witches, or other nefarious creatures out there. One doesn’t wander too far into the forest, especially if you don’t wanna get lost. You’ll want to be super careful, making sure to follow the paths, even if you’re just passing through on the way to Granny’s house.Of course, if you are passing through on your way to Granny’s, then you better dress appropriately. Granny doesn’t get to see you often, so you’ll want to wear your nice dress. Better yet, wear that fancy red cape your grandma made for you. It should look something like this Riding Hood Costume. The dress has a red skirt with white apron and peasant blouse. There’s black velvet vest with ribbon lacing, a knee-length red hooded cape, and some cute white edging to finish things off. You’ll be quite the vision skipping through the forest in this outfit. Good enough to eat. Make sure to stay on the path!


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