Magical Christmas Village 3D Jigsaw Puzzle- 5 Building Collection

Christmas Village 3D Jigsaw Puzzle- 5 Building Collection – $29.99

IT’S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE CHRISTMASIt’s hard to automatically turn on the Christmas spirit when December 1st hits. Maybe you feel overcome with stress because you now need to buy a ton of presents or maybe you can’t be excited over the holiday season because you have too much going on until then. If that’s the case, the 3D Christmas Village can raise your jolliness level. When you see the hustle and bustle of a whole miniature village, you’ll start feeling the joys of Christmas!Also, this is not just any straight-out-of-the-box Christmas village; it’s a Christmas village you assemble yourself because it’s completely made out of puzzle pieces. (Wow, magical!) Assembling a small, quaint holiday town is a great way to get excited about the most wonderful time of the year!            FUN DETAILSThe Christmas village 3D jigsaw puzzle is a 5-piece building collection that comes with a general store, toy store, a church, a chocolate and cookie shop and a cozy home. A total of 116 foam-backed pieces are carefully painted to feature all the tiny, Christmassy details you love. A PUZZLING PRESENTDon’t know what to surprise granny with for Christmas? She’ll love adding a village of puzzles to her collection of antiques!  


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